TUCSON – The McSally for Congress Campaign today released a new ad, “Cherrybell,” highlighting Congresswoman Martha McSally’s successful efforts to keep open the Cherrybell Mail Processing Center. The ad features testimony from Michele Arrington, commander of Disabled American Veterans in Tucson, about the importance of Cherrybell to veterans and other members of the community.

“As a freshman, Martha took charge and has been able to halt the Postal Service’s plans to shut down Cherrybell,” said Campaign Manager Weston McKee. “This is such an important issue for so many Southern Arizonans who rely on timely mail service for things like Social Security checks, medications, and even to cast their votes. This is just another example of how Martha has been able to fight, and get results, on the issues that matter most to her constituents.”

Watch “Cherrybell” below:

“Cherrybell” Transcript

(Michele Arrington) I’m passionate about making sure veterans get the care they deserve.

That’s why I was so concerned when Washington tried to shut down the Cherrybell mail facility, jeopardizing the timely delivery of medicine to disabled veterans.

Fortunately, Martha McSally led the charge to protect Cherrybell, saving jobs and ensuring veterans continue to get the medicine they rely on.

Martha McSally is getting results.

(Martha McSally) I’m Martha McSally and I approve this message.