The policies of the last Administration have been disastrous for our national security. ISIS is expanding its reach around the world and poses a dangerous threat to our homeland and allies. China and Russia are flexing their muscles and bullying their neighbors. Iran and North Korea continue to march toward nuclear capabilities. And our military is being eroded from the inside out.

We need people who will fight for a stronger national defense and hold the next Administration accountable to ensure the safety of the American people. I served for 26 years in the Air Force, retiring as a full Colonel, have two Masters Degrees in national security, and have used my experience to be a leading voice for a stronger defense.

In Congress, I’ve sponsored seven national security bills that have passed the House, including one that was signed into law. I was hand-picked to serve on a task force on combatting ISIS, and our work produced over 50 recommendations to keep Americans safe, including some that were signed by the president. I serve on two key national security committees, and was appointed Chairwoman of the critical Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee.

We live in a more dangerous time than I’ve ever seen, and we need leaders who know what it takes to keep us safe now more than ever.