I flew 325 combat hours in the A-10 and commanded the 354th Fighter Squadron out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. I know first-hand that there’s no better asset we have to protect troops in harm’s way than Warthog. That’s why I’ve led the fight in Congress to protect the A-10, keeping it fully funded and adding $100 million for new wing upgrades. And, this year, I authored a legislative provision to require a fly-off between the A-10 and F-35 BEFORE any A-10 can be retired.

I’ve used my experience as a former A-10 pilot and squadron commander to consistently hammer the Administration on their flawed reasoning for seeking to retire the A-10 ahead of schedule. They can’t pull the wool over my eyes, and I won’t allow our best Close Air Support asset to be retired until we can guarantee we have a proven, ready replacement.