TUCSON – Helen Anderson Glass is a World War II veteran, part of the first group of women to serve in the Navy. John Ladd is a fifth generation rancher whose land borders Mexico. Each of them embodies the character, uniqueness, and strength of Southern Arizona, and each supports Martha McSally.

“Martha has made it her priority to fight for the issues that unite us, that bring us together,” said McSally Campaign Manager Weston McKee. “She’s shown that she is a representative for all of Southern Arizona, and that she can get results that benefit the entire community. In a district as diverse as ours, that’s no easy task, but it’s why Martha has been so successful and why she is the best person to continue fighting for us in Congress.”

In her first term, Congresswoman McSally has passed two bills into law. In October 2015, she got signed the Border Jobs for Veterans Act to fast-track veterans for jobs at the border. In May 2016, she passed the WASP AIR Act to grant military burials to pioneering female WWII veterans at Arlington National Cemetery.

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“Helen” transcript

(Helen Anderson Glass) I joined the Navy on my 20th birthday.

We joined then for patriotism.

At that time, they didn’t realize the importance of women in the service.

I’m extremely proud that Martha McSally can represent women veterans and veterans as a whole.

It’s not just lip service. It’s actual service.

She puts her whole heart and soul into it, and that’s the reason I support Martha McSally.

(Martha McSally) I’m Martha McSally and I approve this message.

“John Ladd” transcript

(John Ladd) We’ve been here 120 years.

Our south boundary is the international border.

Martha McSally’s trying to get the border secured.

She brought the first and biggest delegation from Homeland Security down here last year.

Nobody ever did that before.

She got a bill passed to where veterans getting out of the military can step right in to securing the border.

She is leading the charge in Washington right now.

If she believes in something, by God, that’s what’s going to happen.

(Martha McSally) I’m Martha McSally and I approve this message.