McSally Responds to Barber’s Vote Against Border Security

For Immediate Release

August 2, 2014

McSally Responds to Barber’s Vote Against Border Security

TUCSON – Retired Air Force Colonel Martha McSally today released the following statement after Congressman Barber voted against helping to secure the border and relieve the humanitarian crisis:

“Yesterday, Congressman Barber failed Southern Arizonans by voting against a bill to help secure our border and provide badly needed resources to deal with the humanitarian crisis. Either he doesn’t understand how important this issue is or is more concerned with following his party’s wishes. When I’m in Congress, you can count on me to represent the will of Southern Arizonans and do what’s best for us, regardless of what my party’s leadership wants me to do.”

Despite an ongoing border crisis in Southern Arizona, Congressman Barber rejected legislation to provide $694 million to help secure the border and provide humanitarian assistance for over 50,000 unaccompanied minors. Specifically, Ron Barber voted against:

  • Increasing resources for Customs and Border Patrol operations,
  • Increasing National Guard presence on the border,
  • Increasing humanitarian assistance for unaccompanied minors including medical care and treatment, vaccinations, bedding, education services, and therapy for children who have experienced trauma or abuse during transit,
  • Increasing funding for temporary immigration judges to help relieve the backlog of cases in immigration courts,
  • And authority for Arizona to reallocate existing state and local grant funds for costs related to combating illegal immigration and humanitarian efforts.