TUCSON – The McSally for Congress Campaign today released a new ad, “Saving Jobs,” showing what Martha McSally’s successful fight to save the A-10 Warthog means for Southern Arizona. In the ad, Mama Louisa’s chef and owner Mike Elefante says without the A-1-0, “we’d probably be out of business.”

“The Administration can’t pull the wool over Martha’s eyes. That’s why she’s so uniquely qualified to represent this district and defend our bases,” said McSally Campaign Manager Weston McKee. “Davis-Monthan adds $1.5 billion to the local economy and supports over 15,000 jobs. There’s absolutely no doubt that with her experience flying A-10s and her national security expertise, Martha is the best person to continue fighting for Southern Arizona in Congress.”

Watch “Saving Jobs” below:

In February 2014, the Administration announced its plans to retire our entire A-10 fleet and 7 EC-130H aircraft, potentially crippling Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (DM). After less than two years in office fighting for the A-10 and DM, Rep. McSally has won full funding to keep the A-10 flying as well as new funding for A-10 wing upgrades. She has passed amendments into law preventing the “back-door” retirement of any A-10 aircraft. She has advanced provisions requiring an A-10/F-35 fly-off, protecting the A-10 into the future. And, earlier this year, the Administration backed off its plans to mothball our A-10 fleet, a departure of its policy of the last two years.

“Saving Jobs” Transcript

(Mike Elefante) I’m Mike Elefante, chef and owner of Mama Louisa’s.

This restaurant’s been in my family for over 40 years and I’m proud to employ 21 workers today.

The people from Davis-Monthan are our most loyal customers.

Without the air base and the A-10, we’d probably be out of business.

When Martha McSally saved the A-10, she didn’t just save a plane. She saved small businesses like mine and a lot of other Southern Arizona jobs.

(Martha McSally) I’m Martha McSally and I approve this message because I’m deployed to D.C. to get results for you.